Mike Roselle is Freed from Jail


On Thanksgiving Day, Mike Roselle was arrested at 4:20 pm at the Governor’s Mansion in Charleston, WV and charged with trespass and disorderly conduct.  After six days behind bars for an offense that has a maximum sentence of 24 hours, Mike was released from the Northwest Regional Jail at 1:30 pm on Tuesday. He was in good health and great spirits even after standing in the line up for most of the morning without food or water. He was supposed to be released the day before in the morning at 4:00 but the jail had lost his paperwork, again. His bail had been reduced from $20,000 to zero due to all of the phone calls from around the world to the jail’s switchboard, totally jamming it up. In addition, the Governor, Earl Ray Tomblin, received over two thousand calls urging him to test the blasting dust that we had attempted to deliver. 

Mike ended his fast, which began on the steps of the West Virginia State Capitol on Monday, in jail on the following Monday, as was planned from the beginning. He drank only water. Mike is now taking nourishment and resting in Rock Creek and is already planning the next Climate Ground Zero action. He is looking into filling a lawsuit against the jail and the State Troopers for false arrest, false imprisonment, denial of counsel, and inhumane treatment. He is not complaining about his treatment, only outraged at how people are treated in this facility by the jailers. His energy has returned and he is more determined than ever to end MTR. He wants to thank every one for supporting him while he was in solitude. He had no idea of the havoc that was being visited on the jail staff while he was in the hole freezing under a thin blanket, but he always had faith that his team was doing everything possible to support him.