Day 3 of tree sit, all’s well

Day three of the Pettry Bottom tree sit and all’s well. An excavator has been working nearby and people have been walking around, but no aggression. A small crowd has gathered at the edge of the mine to see the tree sitters. Word from security is that tomorrow will be a fun day.

“We are good. Security has been nice other than a few of them like to kick rocks off the berm,” tree sitter Laura Steepleton said. “I have a chipmunk tree friend and there has been a momma bear and her two cubs.”

Recent small updates include and eight and a half-minute audio recording from Steepleton talking about Department of Environmental Protection deception in its investigation of the slide and runoff that occurred in recent weeks near the tree sit. There’s also a two-minute video which is just below:

Stay tuned and we’ll do our best to keep the media coming. If you’d like to pitch in, please call us or donate to the cause. Thanks everyone for all your support.



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  1. When will West Virginian’s learn that coal only puts money into the pockets of those in charge? Having left the state, and looking back, it is frustrating to see the pervasive ignorance of the population. They are scraping by on the scraps, thinking that coal is the only thing supporting them. Yes, it does feed them…junk food and McDonalds. West Virginian is one of the fattest, poorest, unhealthiest, least educated state in the whole US. We should be the richest, if all the money from our natural resources Actually went to the people who mined it, WV would be overflowing with wealth… But, it’s not. That money goes out of state, to coal operators, lawyers, politicians in New York, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Boston. Why do West Virginian’s keep defending coal companies? What have they done for them, but keep the citizens in abject poverty and ignorance. We live in a third world country in WV. They are destroying our mountains…OUR mountains. For what? Money. They don’t love these mountains. The people that make the most money off of MTR wouldn’t think about living here. They wouldn’t send their kids to our schools or breathe our polluted air or shop at Wal-Mart. I know all too well how much West Virginians Looove their way of life. They love big trucks, hunting, white people, and Nascar. They say they love God, and yet, they are destroying what they think God created. How are these paradoxes allowed to exist; because from the very beginning, from birth, many WVians are taught Coal is good. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
    Well, you all are biting back. Thank you so much for standing up for what you believe. Some West Virginian’s many not be behind you (but I think many are), but the rest of the civilized US is. Those of us who love the mountains because they are mountains…and not a paycheck. The world is slowly starting to wake up and realize coal, gas and deforestation are killing the earth. One day, our mountains will be filled with Retirement communities and tourists…we will make money in positive ways and not by destruction of our wonderful state. You all are leading the way and for that, you can be proud. Stand up for your country and your world! We are with you in spirit.

  2. Progress Miner I think you need to look at the whole picture, its not just about the tree.

  3. Yoko Morris ……. You sir are a racist, pure and simple. Good ridance, hope you never return to W V .

  4. I love Mountains…that produce coal!
    Earth First…We’ll clear cut the rest later.
    I love animals…they taste great!

  5. Yoko now that you have announced why we stayed why not enlighten us of why you left? Oh and if you say this is your state you just classified yourself as like the rest of us. Yes God did create everything, mountains are just a small caliber compared to your soul. He created it as well. I see you know plenty but do you know about your soul? Why not let a miner help you, maybe it will be something worth visiting this site again. I have something for you just like the others. Look up Taylor Made, West Virginia Underground and enjoy.

  6. You look so dumb sitting up there….just a hippie wanta be….go to work and help pay these taxes that obama is so freely spending…..down with the likes of you all….

  7. Hey Earl, let’s get the coons…got some trees to climb….over in them there hills…heard there’s some new kind of animal hanging around up there….

  8. brenda what is it about? if it is so dangerous to live and breathe their, why are the tree sitters there? if massey agrees to the demands then the people of pettrey bottom should pay for the care of the sitters, they do deserve that much right? hmm may hrt when you think of it that way. brenda did you know that the sediment pond was there way before MTR was? bet you didn’t. why? propoganda that is why. where i live there are 5 sediment ponds nearby. going by insurance hoopla you would think i would have to pay flood insurance. nope. did you know that since May we have had rain for at least 3 days a week? NEWSFLASH no flooding here. there was some south of here but 5 1″2 of rain on 2 hours would do that. on youtube there is a little video that may have been put up by this site( I am not sure) that shows the flooding in that area. the pics have been cropped. why? Massey energy was there aiding the cleanup. responsible? No. just doing our own hero work.

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