New Book: Roselle’s Tree Spiker out in Sept.

Tree Spiker - Images by antrim caskey

From Publishers Weekly

Tree Spiker—From Earth First to Lowbagging: My Struggles in Radical Environmental Action Mike Roselle with Josh Mahan. St. Martin’s, $24.99 (272p) ISBN 978-0-312-55619-8

Roselle—cofounder of the Rainforest Action Network and Earth First!—offers a memoir of his career in radical activism—from teenage Yippie to career environmentalist, who admits he shares his “generation’s complicity in creating the mess we are in today” and is now fighting against mountaintop-removal coal mining in Appalachia. His rollicking adventures make for entertaining reading: he is jailed after hanging an anti–acid rain sign over Mt. Rushmore, helps Woody Harrelson climb the Golden Gate Bridge to protest the redwood logging and spikes trees (a form of protest in which metal spikes are hammered into a tree trunk to make the tree harder to cut down). Did he really throw Abbie Hoffman in a pool in Miami? Did he really discuss the future of Costa Rican rainforests with future president José María Figueres over a bloody steak and a bottle of whiskey? Roselle is more interested in spinning a good yarn than supporting some of his wilder stories. He embraces every stereotype he embodies and celebrates the impact he and his collaborators have had on the past 30 years of environmental policy. (Sept.)

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2 Replies to “New Book: Roselle’s Tree Spiker out in Sept.”

  1. ” The view that Greenpeace is evidently not bothered by certain brands of terrorism was given additional weight when it not only supported the eco-terrorist group Earth First, but its cofounder Michael Roselle”…….Gerard Jackson …Brooks

  2. really?


    with that label you cheapen the loss of life that happens from real terrorism (9.11, etc…).

    the eco-terrorist label is one used by resource extractors and their apologists who simply cannot make rational or scientific arguements for their activities and must stoop to childish name calling and bad jacketing to score political points.

    well, Mr. Jackson, here is some childish name callin’ back at ya:

    you are a fucking idiot.

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