2 Replies to “Bo Webb: Post-Blast Silica Dust on Cherry Pond Mountain, Southern West Virginia”

  1. what was point you were trying to make? lf it was foggy that day yes, dust;no. although what we were seeing was smoke from the guy setting on tre edge of the garden. and of course,evrything looks dreary at time of year.

  2. Thank you for taking that movie; all that silica dust, etc.
    After the mining disaster of April 5th or so, I’ve been online getting as much info as I can about mountaintop removal, and other things.

    This is awful. Just awful. I live in Texas, in the Hill Country of Central Texas which looks a little bit like the Smokey Mtns of Tennessee. We only have ppl
    growing grape vines for wine; and bluebonnets and heather growing. I would have a big fit if anything happened to our hills.

    It makes me so angry to see all the stuff that Massey and others like him are causing. I’m trying to learn more. And when possible, I’m posting things like this on my Facebook page. People need to become more aware (as you already know).
    My ancestors came to America in the 1600s and in the 1700s they crossed over the Cumberland Gap and into Tennessee, later Texas. They would be SO SAD
    to know this is going on in 2010.
    Hang in there, and please know that others are being educated by your film, by your efforts.
    I will not forget.
    Linda Donnell Wageck
    [and look me up on Facebook]

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