Fort Chip Residents Confront Stelmach on Tar Sands Poisoning of their People

Just after Tory Leader Ed Stelmach derided a new report that calls Alberta’s oilsands “the most destructive development on earth,” he was confronted by a Mikisew Cree who’s worried the megaprojects are poisoning his people.

Stelmach dismissed the report by the Environmental Defence Organization as being written by “silk-suited” Toronto and Park Avenue New York environmentalists, who had never been to Fort McMurray.

But he appeared to have more time on his campaign visit to Fort McMurray for concerns expressed by Mikisew member George Poitras.

“We’ll do whatever we have to do to make sure that people have peace of mind,” Stelmach told Poitras at a coffee shop where the Conservative leader had been campaigning.

Poitras said the Cree who reside in Fort Chipewyan, north of the oilsands, want the provincial and federal governments to do more to investigate concerns that the oilsands are the cause of rare cancers that are killing his people.

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