Ready For The Hard Truth West Virginia?


Ready For The Hard Truth West Virginia?


By wvhighland9  |  Posted 23 hours ago  |  Charleston, West Virginia


Ready for the sad truth?
Many West Virginians are dismayed over the lack of National News Coverage concerning the recent chemical spill in the Elk River. They ask why isn’t there more? Where is the national outrage? Well folks, there isn’t any National outrage. That’s the hard truth .Most people elsewhere are not even aware of what happened. Outsiders that are aware of the local disaster are asking this question. Where are the people of West Virginia? Why are they not marching in the streets? Are they this apathetic about their health? Where are the State Leaders? Why are they not demanding new legislation to protect the citizens of West Virginia?

In other words they feel if the citizens of West Virginia do not care then why should they? People in the North Eastern States have no love for the coal fired power plants along the Ohio and Kanawha rivers that have poisoned their conifer forests,lakes and streams with acidic rain carried to them by way of the winds from the west. The truth is Coal is a killer in sheep’s clothing. It warms you and gives you light while scorching your lungs and killing your streams.

If you want the world outside of West Virginia to care then you must first show some care yourselves.
It’s time West Virginia looks in the mirror of truth. Right now there are sores appearing on the face of this state. They can be healed with good medicine and personal habits. Maybe West Virginia should enter a rehab program. Maybe it is time for tough love. Maybe.  David McMann White