Visit us at Climate Ground Zero!

The Climate Ground Zero campaign has had its headquarters in Rock Creek, West Virginia since 2008. Founded on the Quaker principals of witnessing and non violence, maintaining a logistical base in Coal Country has been an important part of our mission. We have responded to the call for civil disobedience in Appalachia by providing a place for people who are opposed to mountain top removal to visit West Virginia and see the situation up close, and meet the people who are most affected. Here on the banks of the Coal River you can see an active mining site, see the sludge dams, processing plants, coal silos and witness firsthand the devastation that occurs here everyday. You can also hike the ridges, run the rivers and explore one of country’s most beautiful and biological diverse temporate forests. Over two thousand people have visited us since we first began, and we’ve supported dozens of non violent actions where over a hundred people have been arrested and have garnered national media attention to what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has called the worst environmental crime in America.

But we must do more! Climate Ground Zero welcomes all visitors. Come and see for your self. We provide beds, floor space and tent site to visitors and can provide meals when necessary. There are no grocery stores or restaurants in Rock Creek. Donations of food, supplies and/or money are welcome. Bring what you can.

Contact Info:
Mike Roselle