Update from Katie: I’m out of jail!!

I’m out of jail!!

My three friends and fellow protestors are still in jail and continued
support for them would be fantastic! Support either through letters, positive thoughts or donations to the legal fund so they can be bailed out are all greatly appreciated!


"The action went really well, the miners were friendly and we shut that shit down for four hours."


Colin Flood, Jimmy Tobias, and Sophie Kern would love to receive mail in jail at the following address:

Southern Regional Jail
1200 Airport Road
Beaver, WV  25813

A collection of visual, aural and written accounts and statements about this action:

  • The video from the action is here.
  • A video of them talking about their actions is here.
  • Their written statements are here
  • An audio interview here with Rock Creek, W.Va., resident Ed Wiley talking about Brushy Fork before it was filled with coal slurry.
  • Photos are here, including two maps.

4 Replies to “Update from Katie: I’m out of jail!!”

  1. I am sending letters to the other three. Thank you so much for your efforts, they are not in vain. There are those of us out there hanging on to the edge of our seats wishing we could be taking the same risks. Somehow, I don’t think my three small children would appreciate their mom being in jail, but people like you are so courageous and admirable. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for caring so much about the future.

  2. wish you would go back to jail you stinky violent activists lol you say u arent violent but you are you all need to go home and take a bath you smell of shit

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