On the Ground Reporting Project in the Heart of West Virginia

January 5, 2010


Antrim Caskey 304 854 7788
Mike Roselle 304 854 7372

ROCK CREEK, WV — Dragline, a devastating 74-page photojournalistic exposé of mountaintop removal coal mining, the radical form of coal mining destroying Appalachia, will soon be released by Appalachia Watch – a journalism advocacy project – and Climate Ground Zero – a pressure campaign to stop mountaintop removal coal mining.

Dragline captures the essence of this remarkable campaign – it’s an inside look at the vitality and commitment of a small group of people – considering the scope and consequences of the problem,” said Caskey, creator of Dragline.

Dragline is a photographic prosecution of mountaintop removal and an inside look at the best grass roots campaign today in the nation, period. Climate Ground Zero. The forty-six color photographs – inspire and break hearts – are punctuated with excerpts from Caskey’s reporting, which began in May 2005 while on assignment for the New York City-based newspaper, the Indypendent. Since then, Caskey has made more than 20 independent reporting trips to West Virginia, before finally moving to Rock Creek, in September, 2008, to work and live in the field full-time.

Over the past year, Caskey has documented the direct action campaign against mountaintop removal as the embedded photojournalist with Climate Ground Zero, based in Rock Creek (Raleigh County), West Virginia. In December, 2009, Caskey completed her Masters of Art in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (MAPJD) coursework at the London College of Communication, with Distinction. Caskey hopes to expand her journalism advocacy project to include the Rock Creek School of Photography, a field project to advance and foster long form documentary photography, investigative journalism, and the printed page.

Caskey’s work has been published in a wide variety of news magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Indian Express, the Smithsonian magazine, Orion magazine, and Le Point.

Dragline will be released on January 26, 2010. Although preview copies will be released earlier. All by mail only. Dragline will be released in an initial run of 6000. Dragline will not be released electronically.


APPALACHIA WATCH  p.o. box 71 Rock Creek, West Virginia 25174   (304) 854 7788


  1. ” Photographic Prosecution” of mountaintop removal by Ms Caskey? And all this time I thought she was only a inocent bystander. The true color of her “independant” press badge shows thru.

  2. point of view should not be confused with bias, watcher. point of view creates good documentary photography.

  3. Alyce , my point of view is not confused, Ms Caskey is a environmental activists , first and formost , a independant journalist second at best and CLEARLY biased against the coal industry.

  4. Not to forget to mention Watcher a very “caught” up in the campaign misinformationist. eg Pictures she took of a Horizon Natural Resources job(Cook Mtn), proclaiming it as Massey’s Twilight job, posting a picture of what is called a 10 story rock truck, which is completely embarassing. The truck at most is 24 ft high. Also, some Winter in Rock Creek pictures that have January 25 as the date. My nice Massey Energy calendar says that’s about 20 days from now. So you see it’s either or Alyce.

  5. Here’s a notion for the company lawyers. This group is organized and its efforts to stop mining are well documented and self publicized. Group members have planned, schemed, and conspired to interfere with mining operations and have engaged in a course of continuing criminal conduct to do so. Say hello to the RICO staute. It has been successfully used by NOW to stop antiabortionists who blocked access to abortion clinics. Check out NOW v. Scheidler, 510 U.S. 249, 114 S. Ct. 798, 127 L.Ed. 2d 99 (1994). Take a page from the lefties’ book and use the system to stop them. This trespass stuff is getting old.

  6. Flat head,
    I accept your apology but not your ignorance.
    Where do these people profit from their actions?
    Rico rediculoso.
    I know conceptually it is difficult for you to comprehend the power
    of volunteerism since you are obviously paid to disrupt here.
    If you think only clever commie liberals are against MTR,
    well brother, think again.
    So hold onto your Massey stock, soon you will be able to wipe your
    sorry ass with it when Sam stops MTR.
    This summer will be your worst nightmare….
    It is the will of the people.
    De oppresso liber.

  7. Flat top ,I think you struck a raw nerve, and yes I think Climate Ground Zero would qualify nicely as a R I C O enterprise.

  8. Green Beret: My worst nightmare? Roger that. Think it was “Rambo: First Blood.” I suppose it would be taxing your comprehension if I were to tell you that I own no stock in any mining company or mining-related company. Fact is, I own no stock at all. So, I guess I will have to use some recycled toilet paper next summer. As for the “will of the people” business, just how many like thinkers and fellow travelers constitute that will and those people? 10? 23? By the way, your crass language and insulting threats are a wonderful addition to the rather droll banter here. And no, I do not think that all of the dozen or so people who are part of this so-called movement are commies. Most are merely romantics or lost souls whose little cause has provided their otherwise vapid lives with some semblance of meaning.

  9. If you own no stock,
    and CGZ is a mere handfull of dreamy losers,
    and the conversation here is droll blather,
    then why the fuck are you so all consumed?
    I believe your involement here is evident.
    Your little RICO ploy exposes you.
    Councilor, to the point, who is paying you?
    No threats here brother!
    by the end of summer,
    it will be the end of MTR mining……..
    It is the will of the people,
    De oppresso liber

  10. I think you, Green Beret are the one so “all consumed” here, you are seething with anger and can’t contain it. End of m t r by the end of summer? I doubt it with one of the largest m t r mines in the state getting the go ahead from the e p a .

  11. Green Beret, seriously I wish no harm, but if you come here to West Virginia with that attitude, you will not make it long. I worry that something may come your way that you wish not, people who do not have civil communication(as I rather) from this area, lack it for a unpleasant reason. Are you a veteran? If so, thank you!

  12. First off, as a North Carolina Henderson I’d be comin down a thousand feet to visit.
    Next, am I angry? hell yes I am. Applachia is a national treasure not a whore to be raped
    and discarded. The fact that you revel in the destruction of your own backyard abhors me.
    Your total disregard for the spaceship we all live on shows your total disregard for generations to come
    who must ride the same sphere.
    As far as attitude is concerned, I”ve gone to much more dangerous places
    with a much worse attitude than Rock Creek or Marsh Fork.
    You know the end is near, you just don’t know how close.
    It is the actions of the few
    that can inspire the many….
    This is what you fear….
    This will bring you down.
    Attitude is contagious…..
    De oppresso liber

  13. That’s kinda funny, you are right the end is near. Rape? LOL. You see you are misconstrued with this place being called Mother Earth, and the weather being called Mother Nature. Get real, you are to smart to have paddles and strings attached to your every move and uttered words of temperment. If and only if you are worried about the Earth as a whole, drape a God fearing Red, White, and Blue over your back and march to the mountains of Afghanistan and defend those too. Not worried about them huh? When a rocket or a missile is blowing them up do you have the same attitude? You say that attitude is contagious, so I challenge you to make your way to that part of the Earth with the same banter, if not your nothing much more than the breed in Rock Creek(foreigners) that are the same, hippocrites. While you are waiting on Summer I am making your life easier out here in the Winter, brave soldier. When you wake up in the morning, don’t use that city water, to bathe or make coffee with, don’t brush those teeth, or maybe if you have any, don’t wear prescription glasses, and hey, don’t use the internet either, because what I do makes all that possible for you. Coal(MET COAL) rules your life more than mine, carbon as you would say in an expletive is a B-word! God Bless you Green Beret, because the End is near.

  14. What, I gave myself away? Okay, here’s the skinny, the straight dope, the bottom line: I am a highly paid clandestine agent for all things coal. If it’s coal related, I’m there. I may be in the shadows, I may on the periphery, I may be inside, I may be razor close or remote–but I am there. I am there because money is more important to me than anything else in this world. I live for it. I dream of it. My heroes are all Wall Streeters and tycoons who control capital and do not care one whit about the proletariat and care less about trees, streams, or maintaining the existence of big mounds of rock and dirt. Money and power are what I am about. That’s why I do what I do. Happy now? Of course, not a word of the preceding is true but that’s what you want to hear so so there it is. Enjoy.

  15. Right on Flat Top! And I’m part of a huge blogging brigade making lot’s and lot’s of them big ole coal dollars! LMAO

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