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Wednesday, December 30, 2009



At 3:47 pm Tuesday, December 29, four Climate Ground Zero activists were arrested for trespass at their homes in Rock Creek, West Virginia.

Mathew Louis-Rosenberg, Jacqueline Quimby, Kimberly Ellis and James McGuinness were taken to the Southern Regional Jail by West Virginia State Trooper Lt. Bowers. The charges stem from an October 10th demonstration at Walker CAT’s headquarters, which challenged Walker’s pro-coal advertising campaign. Gabe Schwartzman,19, and David German, 18, were arrested by City of Belle Police and cited for trespassing on a structure or conveyance. The two had unfurled a banner which read, “Yes, Coal is Killing West Virginia’s Communities.”

As of noon Wednesday, the four activists remain in police custody in the Southern Regional Jail in Beaver, WV. They have yet to see a magistrate and have not been informed of their charges, other than trespassing, which, if proven, would result in a maximum one hundred dollar fine.

“This is outrageous behavior on the part of the Kanawha County prosecutors.” said Climate Ground Zero activist Mike Roselle.

“These four people are guilty of nothing. They were simply present during a
demonstration last October and none of them were ever informed at any time that they were trespassing. Usually in this type of case they simply write you a ticket or mail you a summons. To drag them out of their homes and refuse to allow any bail violates their most basic constitutional right to due process.”


More information as the situation develops. For more
information, call Mike Roselle, Climate Ground Zero 304 854 7372.


  1. That’s like saying Roselle has nothing to do with climate ground zero, he just happen’s to be present in their office by the phone.

  2. Clinton did not inhale either. They knew what they were doing. The 100 bucks can be covered by Roselle, I am sure he is making the money. Hey see how much Kennedy wants to be involved, ask him to cover the fine. If he is for it, he should have no problem footing the bill, right?

  3. “Progress Miner” – what part of “refuse to allow any bail” did you not understand? The one hundred dollars was mentioned as the usual fine. What the prosecutors are doing in this case is act as thugs for the coal industry. I had never heard of “Climate Ground Zero” before I saw an article on this – I don’t live in the region – so all they are really doing by holding the activists is giving the activists national prominence. I think I’ll go give a hundred dollars to an environmental cause now.

  4. Following the Copenhagen climate negotiations, a national poll was conducted in the United States (as reported in the New York Times), in which 43% of respondents said that they did not believe that global climate destabilization is a serious problem. Obviously, somebody has to frontline for climate stabilization amidst the national circus of denial. Thanks Climate Ground Zero! Craig Louis Stehr, 593 62nd Street, Oakland, CA 94609-1246 Email:

  5. These pro coal reactionaries don’t seem to understand, when the police are used politically to suppress the right of dissent, and the right of assembly, they are acting tyrannically. When the law is used capriciously and selectively to prosecute, the law is being abused. It might be time for the federal government to intercede and supercede the local government who is violating the law and abusing their authority.
    It is pretty obvious what is going on to thinking people. Perhaps what is needed is several thousands of people who are disgusted by local law enforcement down there to shed the national spotlight on the antics of you yahoos.
    Oh, by the way, for that fellow Walker at the Cat dealer to invoke the word terrorist to call some people demonstrating against coal is ignorant and repulsive. It diminishes the meaning and gravity of the term and it is a word that gets bandied about way to often by rightwing creeps who like to fear monger an try to illicit knee jerk reactions from the ignorant. In some cases it is tantamount to inciting mobbery and violence.

  6. I didn’t realize it was this bad and feel bad I haven’t been paying attention. How can I help?

  7. Albert, why not set up a turnstyle at the magistrate’s office. As fast as they are released Roselle will recruit more to take their place. The courts have to take a stand.

  8. Let’s see Craig, it changed from global warming to climate change and now, climate destablization, what next climate normalization? The terms change faster than the climate.

  9. Don’t forget Watcher, they also try the term Global Chaos, saying the Earth does not know what it is doing. It’s January in WV, you know winter, I must ask someone that knows better,(CGZ activists say they do) what is the white stuff on the ground and why do I get cold when I go outside?

  10. Al, with a look at trespassing you have, and what it means, I wonder are you on a terrorist watch list?

  11. Hey progress, a little weather from around the world…….Northeast states plunge to record cold…..Vermont sets “all time” record snow storm….Iowa temps “a solid 30 degrees below normal “…..Peru’s mountain people face extinction because of cold conditions….Bejing, coldest in 40 years…..World copes with Arctic weather….Mike how cold is it on Rock Creek?

  12. I heard this through the grapevine, outgoing Greenpeace chief made the statement that the icebergs are not melting but that ice under the water surface is continuing to expand and is causing the ice above ground to crack and break. Now this is something I have not read up on, so if I am off base I will accept the scrutiny. I figure Watcher, you may know. I would like to see where the info came from.

  13. No one from CGZ gonna jump on that? Must be true then, I open myself up for scrutiny and say I will accept it, free ticket. I love those.

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