All 8 released from jail!

All eight protesters were released from jail this afternoon after a wonderful lawyer got their bails reduced from $2,000 each to $200 each. Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement.

Words from some of the arrestees:

“We’re really glad for all the support we had and glad we did it,” Jacqueline Quimby said, who was one of four who locked down in the haul road.

Jonathan Irwin, a support person and medic for the action, said, “I am amazed with the degree of hospitality and support we received from West Virginians outside and in. We are blessed with such an opportunity to support some of North America’s oldest mountain ecosystems and strongest communities of resistance.”

“It’s an amazing feeling to be out and among those friends who worked so hard to get us out,” said Erika Zarowin, one of the four protestors locked-down at the mine site. She also reported that her “right shoulder is hurting quite a bit. The police kept pulling on my arm, not believing that I was chained in. Hopefully this won’t become an injury that I have to battle for the rest of my life.”

Maureen Farrell, locked to Erika, said “The action was amazingly successful, despite the many complications that come with an ever changing mine site. It felt great to lock down and stay strong, both terrifying and invigorating.”

“Thank you for all your support,” Ryan Olander, arrestee, said. “Not only were those on the outside instrumental to our success, but, also the people who cared for us on the inside; the inmates.”

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  1. Hey thank you everyone! I missed the chance to have my comment in the original post.

    Please make sure you support prisoners in your local jails and prisons. Jail support is a very big privilege for those of us who can receive it. Most everyone in jail needs help, especially books!

  2. Do the crime pay the time, is what I say for the man who left his little note at the end of this article, you guys are in there for a reason and OUR COAL MINER’S ARE SUPPORTING YOUR STAY THERE! As for the bail being reduced you guys should still be in there with no bail at all, because as I see it, you are putting our men in danger when you walk onto our mine site and do your little protesting act. I hope and pray that when you walk onto another site that either a dozer runs over you…opps didn’t see you standing there! Get a real job!

  3. Raychel, that is the thing they want us to become angry and confrontational. For the most part we haven’t, and they are bewildered because there string holders say if we get the miners “heated” then the world will see how we will react. Although the roundhouse at Edwight was a good one. I didn’t condone it…sounds good anyways.

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