Massey continues sleep deprivation tactics through tree-sit’s sixth day

PETTRY BOTTOM, W.Va.—Massey-hired security guards continued harassing the tree sitters with bright lights, air horns and loud bangs, all day and all night. Someone also brought out a chainsaw to the area of the tree sit. Aside from these sleep deprivation and scare tactics, the sitters are alive and well and. Still, no blasting has occurred above Pettry Bottom.

9 Replies to “Massey continues sleep deprivation tactics through tree-sit’s sixth day”

  1. All these noises happen everyday. If it is so bad we can take the security guards away.

  2. These tactics are tantamount to interrogation-style torture, and also fly directly in the face of the stated objective of ‘safety’ endorsed by both Massey and the WV State Police- how can climbers maintain their safety equipment, or even eventually descend to the ground, if they cannot focus or think clearly? Sleep deprivation is dangerous, it is unethical, and it shows the heavy-handedness of Massey, which in this case has chosen to take the path of violence and fear.

    Massey, as always, will not rest until the innocent are dead- all for the sake of destroying our mountains and heritage for petty cash.

  3. When I am tired and it is noisy or there is too much light, I go somewhere else to sleep. Massey is not depriving them of sleep; Miners that are standing up for their jobs are making it uncomfortable, but not forcing, them not to sleep. If they are too tired to be safe – they should leave.

  4. Progress, so you mean to tell me that security guards blow airhorns, yell obscenities and bang loudly on metal drums at people in trees every day? Where have I been?

  5. Massey bears no responsibility for the safety of these activists who are trespassing and endangering themselves. One activists has since given up, and the other will soon follow. Reason:………No confrontation they hoped for, and not enough media attention.

  6. well i think all u tree huggers need to grow the hell up and get a life case mtr ant going ne where
    i live in peach tree the lights and noise dont bother me one bit i love it up here there ant no other place id rather be
    than sitting here on my porch everyday these people just need to pack up there stuff and head back to where they all came from
    or els there goin to get whats commin to them and they have no idea what it is either but very few people kno about
    so the best thing for yall people to do is get ur stinky ass hariy ass arm pits out of wv

  7. admin, i was referring to the jailhouse.I knew it wouldn’t be long. If this is the reason they came down so be it. I wish no harm or any violence to anyone. It happens I know, but subject yourself to a cause as this, prepare for a non-idle response. Like it or lump it I for one AM glad they are safe.

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