Climate Ground Zero Action Camp: Day 3

Climate Ground Zero Action CampAfter 3 days at camp here in Montana we have a heavy rain day. Some folks were unprepared for the wet and cold conditions here in the Big Belt Mountains of Montana and this weather has tested their patience and endurance, but overall people are dealing and in great spirits.

Anyone who is involved in direct action must deal with harsh elements and extreme physical and mental challenges. Actions push you out of your comfort zones and you must learn if you are going to be doing actions that you must be prepared to be mentally strong and totally prepared for elements the elements you will face.

One of my top mentors on how to run campaigns and actions once said “if action and campaigns were easy everyone would do it”. But conducting actions and running campaigns to confront corporations and governments on destructive policies and practices has never been easy.

I have learned over the years that actions demand top notch preparation, mental toughness, a high degree of flexibility & creativity, overcoming whatever challenges are thrown your way, and always maintaining a positive under adverse conditions. The Boy Scouts motto could certainly be the lesson of today “always be prepared”