Activist Resource: EPA’s monograph “Climate Change and Montana”

Here’s an excerpt:

“Climate change could have a serious impact on Glacier
National Park. The park has approximately 50 glaciers
today, down from an estimated 150 glaciers in 1850. The
recession of Sperry Glacier illustrates the impact of recent
warming temperatures in the park. If these warming trends
continue, it is estimated that no glaciers will be found in the
park by 2030. Without glaciers, stream temperatures are
expected to rise, which could affect aquatic ecosystems in
the park, including trout species. Climate change also could
affect the types of trees found in the forests. Lodgepole pine
and western cedar forests could yield to forests dominated
by spruce and western hemlock. Six rare alpine plants that
are at the southern border of their geographic range would
be especially vulnerable to climate change.”

Read the entire report here:$File/mt_impct.pdf