State of denial: GOP climate change doubts defy logic

Ironically, while the Republican ostriches were burying their collective heads in the sand, Gov. Brian Schweitzer was hosting U.N. ambassadors from Denmark, Finland, Iraq and Thailand. Their mission is to find out why individual U.S. states are moving forward with measures to address climate change while the federal government remains obstinately inert. Some might argue that if Schweitzer was so committed to “clean and green” energy, he should have personally appeared in front of the Environmental Quality Council and endorsed the recommendations of the Climate Change Advisory Committee, instead of hobnobbing with the ambassadors. On the other hand, had those ambassadors seen our Republican legislators “in action” on climate change, I suspect they would have high-tailed it out of Montana with a considerably less favorable impression of state efforts.

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Montana GOP lawmakers deny climate-change science

Efforts to begin writing would-be laws from dozens of proposals contained in a state global-warming report hit a familiar speed bump Monday night: Republican skepticism that human activity really causes global warming.

“This is all flawed and it’s based on flawed everything,” said Sen. Dan McGee, R-Laurel, of the science explaining global climate change. “This is a lie. Call it what it is.”

McGee, a member of the Environmental Quality Council, was among several GOP lawmakers who disputed the foundations behind the 54 recommendations made late last year in a report by the governor-appointed Climate Change Advisory Council.

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