Breaking News: 32 people arrested at anti-MTR protest

Hundreds of anti-mountaintop removal activists gathered today at the Marsh Fork Elementary in Sundial, WV, deep in the Appalachian mountains. Hundreds of pro-coal counter protesters also turned out, resulting in constant interruption of speakers and musical performers and culminating in charges of battery against local woman Ruth Tucker, who struck Goldman Environmental Prize winner Judy Bonds in the face. Bonds has reported pain akin to whiplash when I spoke with her this evening.

Marsh Fork Protest, May 23, 2009 - Images by antrim caskey

Mountaintop Removal Protest

Dramatic footage refutes Masseys claim that protesters battered miners.Mountain Action and Climate Ground Zero have now released dramatic video footage that documents the June 18th protest at Massey Energy’s Twilight mine site.“By releasing this footage we can clearly demonstrate that protesters were not involved in any violence, did not assault anyone and were even allowed by the operator to climb the stairway leading up the boom,” said Climate Ground Zero director Mike Roselle.“People can look at this footage and judge for themselves, but we think it proves that Massey’s claims that the protestors were violent are not supported by the facts. It was a non violent demonstration, and like the other peaceful protest that have been held to stop mountain top removal since early February no one was threatened or harmed in any way.”“These drag lines are destroying the Appalachians and endangering our future.” said Roselle.“They endanger local communities by exposing them to toxic materials and flooding. They need to be shut down and that needs to happen sooner rather than later. The purpose of the protest was to call attention to the true cost of mining and burning coal.”

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Non Violent Civil Disobedience Stops Work on Cherry Pond Mountain in the Coal River Valley, southern West Virginia

“We don’t feel like our trespass is nearly as serious as what they’re doing to West Virginia,” Roselle says. “We want this stopped. And we’re going to do whatever we can.”Mike Roselle and James McGuinness halt the movement of coal off Cherry Pond Mountain.
Mike Roselle and James McGuinness halt the movement of coal off Cherry Pond Mountain in Raleigh County, West Virginia. Very close to this MTR site sits 2.8 billion gallons of toxic coal sludge, precariously perched above the Marsh Fork Elementary School in Sundial, WV. This Massey Energy-owned MTR site puts the lives of Coal River Valley residents at risk. Residents contend that blasting will further destabalize the sludge impoundment, while fly rock and rock dust shower the neighboring hollows of Naoma. photograph by Antrim Caskey