UW Extension Plans Coal-bed Methane Issue Workshop in Rawlins, WY.

A workshop for landowners and interested persons in areas of coal-bed methane (CBM) development is Friday, March 28, in Rawlins.

Organized by the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service (UW CES), the workshop is 1-5 p.m. in the Carbon Building.

Topics include the Land and Water Inventory Guide for Landowners in Areas of Coal Bed Methane Development (LWIG), an explanation of Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) permitting, a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) perspective on CBM development in the area, and a panel discussion session to help answer any questions, including legal aspects.

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Groups protest energy leases in Wyoming’s Jack Morrow Hills

GREEN RIVER – The Bureau of Land Management’s plan to offer new energy leases in the Jack Morrow Hills has drawn a formal protest from a coalition concerned about the possible effects of energy development in the area.

The BLM plans a lease sale for April 1 in Cheyenne as part of a new management plan for the area of southwest Wyoming. The agency postponed mineral leasing decisions in the hills in 1997 to draft the new plan.

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BLM to study elk’s reaction to natural gas development

CHEYENNE (AP) — The Bureau of Land Management says it’s undertaking a four-year study of an elk herd in the Fortification Creek area of Campbell County and how the animals are affected by coalbed natural gas development.

Thirty-nine elk will be collared and monitored to determine the amount of development activity the animals can tolerate. The study will look at disturbances including traffic levels, noise and habitat loss.

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