Green energy is making big money

Worldwide sales for companies specializing in biofuels, wind farms, solar panels and fuel cells grew 40 percent in 2007 to reach $77.3 billion, according to an annual report issued Tuesday by Clean Edge, a research firm that studies the green technology industry.

That’s significant revenue for an industry crowded with startups, many of which don’t yet have finished products to sell. But other companies – including major corporations such as General Electric – have waded into the field, selling their wind turbines and solar panels around the globe.

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Tory election win sets stage for green battle

Ed Stelmach’s landslide election victory delivered his Conservative government an overwhelming mandate to carry out its agenda — including environmental initiatives — but oilpatch and policy experts warn it shouldn’t be interpreted as “carte blanche” on climate change.

Nevertheless, the premier has already shown he’ll proceed as he sees fit on greenhouse gas regulations, including adopting intensity-based targets instead of hard caps for the foreseeable future, which means overall emissions will continue to rise.

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