Oilsands a magnet for protesters

t was only a matter of time.In fact, the minute it became official–roughly two years ago–that Alberta’s oilsands constituted the second-largest deposit of recoverable oil in the world, you had to know that some people would see this as a bad thing.

And that ultimately, they would want to take action against the multi-billion dollar developments taking place in the Wood Buffalo Municipal Region that surrounds Fort McMurray in north central Alberta–because that’s what protesters do.

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Eco activists swap press releases for climbing ropes at protest school

Climbing ropes will soon take their place alongside press releases and briefing books for Alberta eco-activists as they seek to bring a more flamboyant style to their protests against the provinceā€˜s greenhouse gas-generating energy megaprojects.

At a small camp outside Edmonton, up to 50 people from across Canada are at a week-long workshop on non-violent protest techniques, including how to climb buildings or other structures to hang bedsheet-sized banners.

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Oilsands growth energizes activists

Environmentalists turn up pressure on ‘unsustainable’ development with training camp in non-violent protest tactics

A group of frustrated environmentalists has gathered at a camp on the outskirts of Edmonton to learn eco-activist tactics for use against booming oilsands development.

The five-day clinic is scheduled to begin today at a secluded acreage southwest of the city, where 50 to 75 young people are preparing to mobilize against the oilsands by learning non-violent, direct-action tactics from internationally renowned environmentalists.

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