November 16-17 Day of Action Against Coal Finance

Join Rainforest Action Network, Coal River Mountain Watch, Appalachian Voices , Rising Tide, Mountain Justice Summer, SEAC and a cast of thousands as we mobilize to stop Bank of America and Citi’s investments climate change and the dirty coal industry!

On November 16th and 17th  we are asking anyone and everyone concerned with stopping the US coal rush to join us in taking the message to Wall Street. From flyering and leafletting at your local bank branch or ATM, to creative street theater or non-violent direct action at bank offices – help our climate and communities by demanding clean energy!

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Oracle of climate science’ James Hansen comes to UM

James Hansen, NASA’s top climate change scientist, will talk about human impacts on global warming Monday at the University of Montana.

In western Montana, climate change is having a major impact.

The snowpack melts earlier. The spring growing season starts earlier. Summer droughts are longer, which increases wildfire risks and lowers streamflows.

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