Baucus will back bill to cap global warming gases

U. S. Sen. Max Baucus said Wednesday he will back a Senate plan that calls for a cap on global warming gases. Baucus, D-Mont., said he has been working with the bill’s sponsors, Sens. Joe Lieberman and John Warner, to make sure provisions were included to help Montana’s coal industry with new technologies and let Montana farmers sell carbon offsets to industry. The bill ultimately requires power plants and vehicles to reduce their greenhouse gases by 70 percent. It is seen as a compromise that could pass by next year.

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Kyoto has ‘failed.’ Scientists call for new climate change policy

It is time for a radical rethink on climate change, says a report in the journal Nature this week.

Echoing sentiments long associated with politicians such as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President George Bush, the report says it is time to ditch the Kyoto Protocol because the United Nations treaty has “failed.”

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> NASA scientist urges action on climate change

NASA’s top climate scientist painted a dire picture Monday – from flooded coastlines to apocalyptic wildfires – unless the world finds a cleaner way to power its light bulbs, motor vehicles and factories.

“We’re setting the planet on a trajectory of very dramatic consequences within this century,” James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, told an overflow crowd at the University of Montana.

Despite the bleak warning, Hansen said he was confident that clean replacements for coal, oil and natural gas can be found if people put enough pressure on their politicians and policymakers.

“We’re losing the battle, but I’m optimistic we can solve this problem,” Hansen said. “We need to get beyond fossil fuels. It will be a very different planet if we continue business as usual.”

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