Wildlife groups, energy firms to debate development

HELENA – This weekend in Great Falls, hunting groups, wildlife managers and others will raise the alarm about how runaway oil-and-gas development in Montana could have a huge effect on wildlife.

“As we looked at this issue more and more, and what’s occurred in Wyoming and Colorado, we (thought), ‘We don’t want to be like them,’ ” said Craig Sharpe, executive director of the Montana Wildlife Federation. “We don’t want the large footprint, the damage that has occurred in Wyoming.”

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Mayor of Calgary, Alberta calls for suspension of energy industry biased Bill 46


For immediate release

November 16, 2007

(Rimbey, AB) Today the City of Calgary called upon Premier Ed Stelmach to suspend Bill 46 pending full public consultation. In a letter addressed to Ed Stelmach and cc’d to Mel Knight and various Calgary MLAs, Mayor Dave Bronconnier expressed his concern over the dubious and contentious Bill. (See attached letter).

The Lavesta Area Group is not surprised the City of Calgary is calling to have the Bill suspended. We have always maintained this is a poorly constructed Bill that limits the rights of citizens to participate in utility hearings and in doing so; the Bill conflicts with the Charter of Rights and the Alberta Bill of Rights.

The Industrial Power Consumers and Cogenerators Association of Alberta (IPCCAA), who are the largest industrial consumers of electricity in the province and pay over 50% of all electrical rates, recently expressed its concerns with certain aspects of Bill 46. Rural landowners are united in their opposition to Bill 46 on the basis it is fundamentally flawed and now the City of Calgary has come out and opposed the Bill. Mr. Stelmach needs to ask himself, except for the foreign owners of some electricity generating companies, does this Bill benefit anyone living in the province Alberta?

Bill 46 is a sham and an embarrassment to the legislative process. It splits an underfunded and understaffed dysfunctional EUB into two underfunded and understaffed dysfunctional regulatory Boards. Other than reducing and eliminating certain rights of the Alberta citizenry, Bill 46 illuminates a contemptuous disregard for the democratic process of an arrogant government, bought and paid for by few foreign owned companies.

Lavesta Area Group enjoins with the City of Calgary and calls upon Premier Ed Stelmach to suspend Bill 46 pending full public consultation.


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Greenpeace greets opening of Alberta legislature with message: Stop the Tar Sands

Edmonton, Canada — Four Greenpeace activists suspended their bodies 42 metres over the North Saskatchewan River today to hang two 7 x 15 metre banners from the High Level Bridge in Edmonton. The banners depict the areas under current and projected tar sands development with the message “Stop the Tar Sands.” They hang in full view of the Alberta legislature, which opened today.

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