Climate Ground Zero Citizens Action Camp 2008 Press Release

Media Advisory: June 1st 2008 Interviews Available! Great Visuals!

Global Warming Activists Gather in Helena National Forest for Climate Ground Zero Action Camp

International Grassroots Collaboration Challenges Industry and Goverments to Invest in Clean Energy Alternatives

Helena National Forest – Helena, Montana June 1st – June 6th 2008

York, Montana ~ Global Warming activists from around the globe are converging at Sweats Gulch in the Helena National Forest 20 miles East of Helena, Montana for a week of training and preparation to confront decision makers and the dirty energy industries over their failure to address the global climate crisis.

More than 60 activists from the US, Canada, Germany, England and other countries will coordinate plans for a global grassroots non-violent response intended to challenge government and the fossil fuel industry, the leading producer of greenhouse gasses. Participants are demanding a shift away from continued investment in infrastructure and funding of oil, gas, coal, tar sands, oil shale and nuclear energy projects and a commitment instead to placing those investments into alternative energy infrastructure and efficiency measures.

“There is a great power in this international collaboration of grassroots activists. Citizens will be learning skills in non violent civil disobedience to confront government and corporations on misguided public energy policies that protect the private profit of major fossil corporations, ignores the public good and destroy our land, our water and our climate,” said JR Roof of Missoula-based Climate Ground Zero, one of the organizers of the camp.

“Montana’s Governor Brian Schweitzer and Alberta Prime Minister Selmach are pushing dirty coal, tar sands and oil schemes all along the Rocky Mountains. We call for a new direction in energy policies that seriously address climate change and not one that will make it worse,” said Mike Roselle, Earth First! Founder and camp participant.

Staff and volunteers from Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Earth First!, Rising Tide, and will be joining other grassroots activists for this weeklong seminar on nonviolent direct action tactics such as blockades, climbing, Web 2.0 and media relations.

The camp is the second in a series of similar gatherings. The first camp took place last year outside of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. For further information and directions to the site please contact:

Mike Roselle-Earth First! 205-612 1793,
JR Roof -Climate Ground Zero, 205-567-4841

And visit our camp blog at: