Montana GOP lawmakers deny climate-change science

Efforts to begin writing would-be laws from dozens of proposals contained in a state global-warming report hit a familiar speed bump Monday night: Republican skepticism that human activity really causes global warming.

“This is all flawed and it’s based on flawed everything,” said Sen. Dan McGee, R-Laurel, of the science explaining global climate change. “This is a lie. Call it what it is.”

McGee, a member of the Environmental Quality Council, was among several GOP lawmakers who disputed the foundations behind the 54 recommendations made late last year in a report by the governor-appointed Climate Change Advisory Council.

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Arctic Meltdown

Thanks to global warming, the Arctic icecap is rapidly melting, opening up access to massive natural resources and creating shipping shortcuts that could save billions of dollars a year. But there are currently no clear rules governing this economically and strategically vital region. Unless Washington leads the way toward a multilateral diplomatic solution, the Arctic could descend into armed conflict.

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Climate change ‘hits minorities hardest’

When the floods subsided in India last year more than half of the bodies found were Dalits, or untouchables; the recent droughts in Kenya have devastated the herds pastoralists in the north rely on for survival; in Arctic Norway the Sami people’s reindeer are starving as warmer rains destroy their grazing land.

Around the world, the reality of dangerous climate change is being felt and its full force is striking the people least equipped to cope, ethnic or religious minorities and indigenous peoples. Minorities from Latin America to Europe and Asia have been caught in man-made environmental disasters, and in many cases relief is reaching them last, says a report to be released today by the international non-government organisation, Minority Rights Group.

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