Opponents of Huge Alta. Power Line Tape Mouths Shut at Courthouse Rally

About 40 demonstrators taped their mouths shut to protest a decision to close hearings to the public on a massive proposed power line to be built between Edmonton and Calgary. The demonstrators, who rallied Thursday on the steps of the central Alberta town’s courthouse, are angry that the public can only watch the regulatory proceedings via video link at the local community centre.

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Eco activists swap press releases for climbing ropes at protest school

Climbing ropes will soon take their place alongside press releases and briefing books for Alberta eco-activists as they seek to bring a more flamboyant style to their protests against the provinceā€˜s greenhouse gas-generating energy megaprojects.

At a small camp outside Edmonton, up to 50 people from across Canada are at a week-long workshop on non-violent protest techniques, including how to climb buildings or other structures to hang bedsheet-sized banners.

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Oilsands growth energizes activists

Environmentalists turn up pressure on ‘unsustainable’ development with training camp in non-violent protest tactics

A group of frustrated environmentalists has gathered at a camp on the outskirts of Edmonton to learn eco-activist tactics for use against booming oilsands development.

The five-day clinic is scheduled to begin today at a secluded acreage southwest of the city, where 50 to 75 young people are preparing to mobilize against the oilsands by learning non-violent, direct-action tactics from internationally renowned environmentalists.

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