BLM to study elk’s reaction to natural gas development

CHEYENNE (AP) — The Bureau of Land Management says it’s undertaking a four-year study of an elk herd in the Fortification Creek area of Campbell County and how the animals are affected by coalbed natural gas development.

Thirty-nine elk will be collared and monitored to determine the amount of development activity the animals can tolerate. The study will look at disturbances including traffic levels, noise and habitat loss.

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Glaciers melt ‘at fastest rate in past 5,000 years’

The world’s glaciers are melting faster than at any time since records began, threatening catastrophe for hundreds of millions of people and their eco-systems.

The details are revealed in the latest report from the World Glacier Monitoring Service and will add to growing alarm about the rise in sea levels and increased instances of flooding, avalanches and drought.

Based on historical records and other evidence, the rate at which the glaciers are melting is also thought to be faster that at any time in the past 5,000 years, said Professor Wilfried Haeberli, director of the monitoring service. ‘There’s no absolute proof, but nevertheless the evidence is strong: this is really extraordinary.’

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Wyoming’s Freudenthal says negotiations progressing on GE coal plant

CHEYENNE (AP) — Gov. Dave Freudenthal said construction could start as soon as this summer on a coal research plant the University of Wyoming is developing with General Electric Co.

The Wyoming Legislature in the session that wrapped up last week put up $20 million for the project. The money comes from federal payments to the state aimed at addressing reclamation of abandoned mine lands.

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